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RT604 - HLX 421, AEC Regent III, Chassis No: 09611091


New July 1948, with Body No 1853, the bus was began its service life at Tring garage but was quickly transferred to Hemel Hempstead where it remained for over seven years. It saw service at various other garages north of the River Thames until February 1974 when it moved south to Chelsham.

It was finally withdrawn from service in September 1978. Some ten months later it was sold into preservation and the P.T.P.G is effectively its second owner since then.

The bus received five complete overhauls during its service life, which included three changes of body, all of which were made by Weymann. Buses allocated to London Transport's Country Area garages were always painted green and the vehicle was transferred to London Country Bus Services Ltd on 1st January 1970 in its Lincoln green livery. In June 1977 it appeared for a final year of service in the N.B.C. corporate colour of leaf green, in which livery it is currently preserved.

RT604 Allocations Details [PDF - download Acrobat Reader from here]

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