Running Days and Static Rallies Why not travel on our bus to running days, route recreations and rallies? You can enjoy the RT experience on a genuine feeder route. And, it's free! Most runs start from Croydon Town Centre KD stop - note our new regular pick up and drop off point. We'll post event departure times (see below) on this site beforehand - attendance is subject to bus and driver availability. A list of planned attendances is shown below. You can keep in touch using our Twitter account @RT604 and tweet using #RT604. On hilly routes we may restrict loadings. And please note static rally organisers charge an entry fee for passengers carried. We'll do our best to reserve seats for our "friends" - orderly queueing in traditional 1950s style appreciated!

Routemaster Videos More Routemaster videos added - see youtube

2019 events: brief details of events we are hoping to attend. Alton 21 Jul, Epsom Kingston RT running day unadvertised event 28 Jul, Horsham 1 Sep, Showbus Herts 29 Sep.. Details of all routes being operated on running days organised by Country Bus Rallies and Amersham & District Bus Society next year will be found in their illustrated guide/timetables which may be purchased direct from the organiser (see below for link) nearer the time. We strongly recommend you purchase a copy of these handy booklets as it will enhance your enjoyment on the day and also reduce your the chance of "missing that important bus". It also provides useful information about the routes operated in LT days. The money raised from programme sales supports event organisation and bus operation. n
Event Location/Date Status
----------------- ---------------------- ----------
Alton 21 Jul 2019 Depart 0830 H stop Purley Station via A3/A31
Epsom Kingston RT event 28 Jul 2019 Depart 0900 KC stop Fairfield Halls

RF route running days see red-rf for details and timings and Country Bus Rallies for details of Country Bus Rally running days; and Amersham & District Motor Bus Society for details of A&D Running Days

Friends of PTPG Why not become a "friend" of PTPG? It costs just £25 a year and entitles you ride on our bus to a rallye or running day and help with routine maintainenance duties. You will also be making a valuable contribution to our restoration fund which is essential if we are to continue to enjoy seeing and riding on this vehicle. If you are interested in becoming a friend or purchasing branded clothing please contact us using the email address shown.